Employment/Education Services

Employment/Education Services

For young people living on the streets, finding a job is very difficult, if not impossible. Many have minimal education and no one to offer guidance on the basics- writing a résumé, conducting a search or how to prepare for an interview. They're completely unfamiliar with what it takes to land, and keep, a job. Covenant House Alaska is committed to helping our residents find employment. We know this is the most important step to ensuring their future financial independence and a life off the streets. Through our Employment and Education Services, youth can access the support and resources they need to complete their education, obtain a GED, gain employment skills and find a job. ​

Services Available:

  • Career Counseling                                                   
  • College and Vocational Referrals
  • Intern/Externship opportunities                                
  • Life Skills and Groups  
  • Transportation Help
  • Job Search and Education Workshops 
  • Resume and Cover Letter Building
  • Professional Clothing
  • Education and Employment Referrals
  • Tutoring

Education Assistance

Covenant House Alaska staff offers guidance, structure and support to help kids move forward with their education. Youth have access to services including tutoring, remedial education groups and flexible on-site GED preparation classes. These classes serve as an alternative to a high school diploma for those unable to attend school due to age requirements or scheduling.

Covenant House Alaska partners with other community agencies, such as Cook Inlet Tribal Council, NineStar and the Anchorage School District's Child in Transition program, to assist homeless youth in completing their education. Youth who decide to obtain their GED rather than return to school can receive pre-GED testing, educational assessments and referrals to NineStar for GED testing. Youth who receive a GED testing referral through Covenant House Alaska may take the test at no cost. Covenant House Alaska offers college and vocational referrals along with assistance in transportation to and from school. 

Employment Assistance

Recognizing that a stable housing environment is directly impacted by employment, Covenant House Alaska’s Employment and Education Services provide job counseling and training to youth aged 16-24. The goals of this program are to assist youth in gaining employment, obtaining advanced employment for those that are under-employed and ensuring that employment will put youth on a plan of independence and career satisfaction, enabling them to become Alaska’s next workforce.

Our services include assisting youth with job plans, job coaching, finding employment and acting as a link to each youth’s Covenant House Alaska case manager, to ensure that case plans are comprehensive and fully integrated. Covenant House Alaska has many community partners that offer intern/externship opportunities to our youth. These partners also assist in job search and educational workshops, as well as in resume/cover letter building skills.  

For more information about Employment and Education Services at Covenant House Alaska, please contact Kim Miller at 907-339-4259 or kmiller@covenanthouseak.org