Executive Team

Executive Team

Alison E. Kear, Executive Director

• She values education and has received schooling from all over- Florida, Texas, but the best was 2012 Alaska Pacific University Masters Art Program.

• Doesn’t take no as a final answer.

• Believes in teamwork and that there is no better staff than the Covenant House Alaska Team.

• Has been a part of the Covenant House Alaska team since 1997.

• Has worked in social services since 1984.

• All employees receive animal therapy when Alison’s best friend Lucy, a Labradoodle, comes to visit.

• Inspires her employees by throwing 30-second dance parties for anyone with good news.


Carlette Mack, Assoc Executive Director, Covenant House AlaskaCarlette S. Mack, Chief Operating Officer

• Has lived in Alaska for 26 years.

• Received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, both from Alaska Pacific University.

• Has worked for Covenant House for over 18 years. Started her career as an intern and has never looked back. Served as the Program Coordinator for Rights of Passage and the Director of Program Services. Carlette recently returned to Alaska in September 2013, having served three years as the Director of External Affairs for Covenant House Washington.

• Is a second-generation Covenant House Employee. Her mom worked for the organization for 13 years

• Has worked as a clinical therapist with a primary focus on therapy with children and teens. 

• Has a strong passion and dedication to helping youth - enjoys connecting people to the mission of Covenant House. 

• Nicknamed “Quiet Thunder” but do not let her quiet demeanor fool you- loves talking about Covenant House and working to find solutions to better the lives of the young people we serve. 

• Strong commitment to volunteering – served on the Board of Director for the YWCA for six years and currently serves as an appointed member of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Public Transit Advisory Board. 

• Is quite competitive – never challenge her to a game of Monopoly. 

• Favorite quote:  “I Maintain The Power To define Who I am.”