Street Outreach/Drop-In Center

Street Outreach/Drop-In Center

At Covenant House Alaska, we know it's often difficult for young people to envision a new and different way of life than the one they’ve known, and to begin the next chapter of their story. We believe it's important to reach out to them on their own turf, which is what Street Outreach is all about.

The goal of Street Outreach is simple: reach youth where they are…on the streets. We come to them. Teams of Covenant House Alaska outreach workers, peer outreach workers and volunteers are on the street offering youth immediate assistance. We provide for essential needs with items such as food, bus passes, emergency transportation, socks and warm clothing. In addition, we offer information about Covenant House Alaska programs and our partner agencies. Our outreach workers also operate a Drop-In Center inside the Covenant House Alaska Youth Engagement Center.  The Drop-In Center is an outreach outpost that offers youth a safe place to receive the next level of Covenant House Alaska services, including food pantry, showers, laundry, clothing and access to computers.   

After the initial contact is made, we work to establish relationships with each youth and continue to encourage them to take advantage of Covenant House Alaska and partner programs and services.

Whether we're on foot, on bikes, in the Street Outreach van or in the Drop-In Center, our message is clear – “We care about you and we want to help.”

To learn more about Street Outreach and the Drop-In Center, please contact Josh Louwerse, Street Outreach Program Coordinator, at 907-339-4438 or